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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alhamdullillah Basic Officer Course is finally over.
Just waiting for one final special day for the Graduation Ceremony next month.
Gonna miss all my cohort friends and all the trainers.
Guys thanks for all your support and advises..
May we meet again.
Buke puase same2 ok!!!??


Blogged @ 11:40 AM
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcoming Baby G!!
Spent my weekend with my love friends!! Celebrated Radin 24th Birthday at Fish & Co. then chill and played games at Keppel Bay.. Had lods lods of FUN!! whos Bdae Next?? Chalet ok?? Haha..

Blogged @ 2:50 PM
Tuesday, March 17, 2009


New me. Finally i CUT my long long hair to short short. hmm.. no regret feel much much better espcially going to work. no hassle of tie'in of hair, bun up when my hair is still wet! GOSH. BUSUK!! all ready for training but not orientation. Well tata..

Blogged @ 4:22 PM

Been days,months since i last update.
everything going very well. alhamdullillah.
Work going smoothly just waiting for mid april for my 5 months training. WOW!!
BF gettin nottier!! haha.. love you.

Sorry friends for replyin ur comments late!!
Anything just beep beep me at my same number okies..

Blogged @ 4:09 PM
Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work is fine need to get use to the new environment. basically my job is to take extra care of the inmates. So well now u know what im working as. Prison Officer. Hahaha....
Almost a month working with them soo far ok. Will stay. Now wating for my batch to go for training! yippie!! 8months ok.
Brithday celebration was great. Thanks guys for the suprise and treat. not forgettin my besty. tHanks for the sweetest gift. Love u alot2 tau.. Muarks..
Other than that i got nothing else to say hope to get a lappy soon so i can frequently update my bloggie. BF i love you too bucuk!!

Blogged @ 2:38 PM
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

went for job breifin today at recruitment branch.
collect all the necessarry thing and uniform all altered and ready for work tomorrow..
wish me all the best and i hope everything goes fine..

take care friends will nt update so soon..

Blogged @ 1:44 PM
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today will be my last day at Central Redemption Booth. Time passes so fast. and i only got 8days to rest, enjoy before start my new job!!

Celebrated Yan, Ifah and Farhan bdae yesterday.. A good start by havin late dinner at lau pa sat cup cakes eatin and prezie givin.. Cockups begins when at Plaza Sing. Movies most of them sellin fast with front row seats no back up plan and bdae boy yan. merajok.. Sorry yer we betol betol sorry. =)

Thought of going batam for a day with cousins and friends but not confirm. Hmmm...

Blogged @ 2:05 PM
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

three days to go and our job is done! yey! gonna miss sisters, aunty, the naughty boys from gift wrap service, abg hansem, abg su, jansie, nicole and the rest. hahaha.. very nice exprience with central tho theres some cockups but its nt ur faukt jansie. =) Gift wrap service end yesterday and we still got to work til end of this week. :( Thanks to aunty for the christmas gift very un expected and the wrapin skils u tought us. hahaha.. cool ok! Will miss working with the crazy gang! take care all.. BF fetch me from work and overall it wasnt a good ending. Will be as strong as i can be. =)

Blogged @ 1:09 PM
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Woke up 7.30am in the morning and off to maxwell road together with mummy, nonet and along. alhamdullillah i've sign the letter of appointment and will start work early jan 09 on the job training. Thanks for all your support friends.. Muda mudahan i will make it.
I sign that form with a sad feeling yet happy. Ya as wad i've mention on my previous post. BF do not like me working there. haiz.. wad can i do? im confuse but i've made my decision. Gosh tis is between love and career. Im sorry dear i've make my final decision. I feel so bad but i got to do this. Family of mine accept and agree with the job and yes of cause i will proceed.

I hate to be in this position. What will happen next? well.. we'll see.



"tHe gReATEst chAllenge in lifE is trYing to finD sOmeOne whO knOws all yOur flAws, differenceS and miStAke but yEt sTill lOves EverythiNg aBOut yOU"

Blogged @ 10:11 AM
Saturday, December 20, 2008

Im soo soo tired today.. gt a mid-night shopping yestesday. So need to stay up til 12am lor. Thanks to BF for fetching me.. Muarks!! Head to BDN meet the working friends plan and supper at hawa rest. BF got to send me home first before going to mantoyz house for sticker making.. Wah best nye sleep!! was dreamin of something nice and BF!!!! u!! give me a wake up call at 7am to tell me that u just got hm from mantoys hse,belum tido and want to bring me out for breakfast?? hehe.. so sweet of you lar. Yah wake me up at 7am BUT meet up at 9.30am!! esh esh esh. I dun need that long to siap ok! Breakfast at long jon and send me off to work!! Nice breakfast with you bOtak! (biler nk breakfast kt swensens lak?)

Will meet you again at 10pm tonight.

Blogged @ 9:34 AM
Saturday, December 13, 2008

i hate idiots.
you'll never get it back if you dont sacrifice.
Never think of gettin it back if your are still behavin like a kid with a playa attitude.
well. Prove it good then you will get it.
dedicate to someone who didnt respect me as a sister.


Blogged @ 9:25 AM
Friday, December 12, 2008

i feel so tired this week. i just need a day off please. My head is banging!! Eyes cant open BIG!! feel so restless. Saw an accident yesterday on the way back to send fan home from bedok res to bedok to PIE. gosh! what i see is a big bike a guy lyin down and car. Then this morning on the way to work i saw a kid get hit by a van. Gosh! he was lyin facin downloads CISCO help out. BErrr... Ride with care to work and everysingle day traffic jam. Especially From PIE exit CTE (city) walauwei.. really ah that place..

BF booked out!! yey!! might meet up late for a movie or hmmm... dun noe..

lovin him......

Blogged @ 4:40 PM
Monday, December 8, 2008

Went bowling with BF fam. ().. =) I was so tired and sleepy but i put that aside just to meet them. Finally ey kite meet! =) i had alot of fun!

When i got home yesterday my house was dark and silent. Mum and Dad fly to indonesia. Brother not home yet. Very sepi. Slept in mummys room cover myself with bblanket and chat with BF for a while and fall asleep. zzZZZ..

wake me up! and it was raining.. haiz.. how i wish i can continue sleeping!! get change and off to work. and now im soo bored. Everyday internet, everyday chat, everyday chocolates, everyday gassy drink im gonna out on weight!! oH TIDAK!!!!
BF you bookin in soon.. see you on friday okies. =) Take GOod care of bb D.

Blogged @ 11:46 AM
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Went for Medical Check Up at Raffles Medical, One Raffles Place. I went round and round and i got the place at the right time. Everythings seems to be good. Hopefully. Reached work early. Yey!!

This saturday BF family having a gathering for nyayi birthday but sad thing is im not able to join! Sedih sik..kalau semua balik late then i will come after work.. insyallah.. Well today is only wednesday and now planing where to go for friday and saturday night with BF. hmmm... where shud i go .???? ANy good idea anyone??

I MISS ALL MY SITEL and IVIC friends.. Guys when can we meet up?? RINDU LAR!!
anisa, dan, nat, naz, epin, dee, alia, fauzi, fid dan lain2 lagi.. banyak sangat la.. hehehe.. Plan a date tau. tapi make sure all can make it. ALL!!

Blogged @ 3:36 PM
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

woke up a little early today off to pay og's bike installment and to work. Reached work at 11am and first thing i do is check my ivic pay. Its already bigining of the month and we hv nt get our pay. Esh2.. cock up ah. I know tht you guys are short of manpower for the admin site but too kedekut to employ people. haiz... btw guys pay is in already. Got to rush and pay my bike intallment lak twm and clear all my bills. This month is really tight. I really need to count every single cents i spent. I really need a job i seriously hope i will get the previous job i applied for. Will be going for medical check up tomorrow. ya allah please i really need a job i mean a proper full time job.

3days to go to meet BF. I really need him by ma side. Im not strong now. Dear I love yOU!!

Blogged @ 7:51 AM
Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is my retarded cousin who is now workin with me!

Blogged @ 3:36 PM

saturday morning with BF.
went to bukit merah grab bf cheque and off to loois!
we finally get wad we wanted.
saturday afternoon with SF.
went to tajong katong komplex then to hawa for mamam.
chil around creck jokes and all went sep ways.
me and BF get something and hang around at bdn to suprise ADAM!!
hahaha.. sorry ah adam jus wanna suprise tau.. hehehe.. 17 ur turn la..
meet karno at his crib talk crap and off to kembengan for supper.
gtg will update soon.

Blogged @ 9:57 AM
Friday, November 28, 2008

okay its 7.30pm and im still at work.
cant wait to meet BF! muarks!! miss you ok!
Era will be replacing me tomorrow cause need to settle something with BF.
I hope all settle by twm and we become a ROCKSTAR! wee...
Theres a trip to sentosa tomorrow with BF fam. I want to go! but all depends on BF. If all settle then we can go la! yey!
Mantoi! remind me to collect sticker from you!!!
Og!! jg tuka chain and spocket i want to see ur bike first.!!

Oh gosh still waiting for the job application last reply for check up. im one step closer. please allah. i really wan that job. and mummy i will be what i want to be and get what i want!!!

Blogged @ 2:47 PM
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wah!!! today me and fan decided to re-count our stock and daily summary of f&b and retail shops.. wah very messy lar!!! we count the summary from 14th nov till today. wah few hundred customers records ok!! We took few hours to do that and all done!! yey!! congrets to aibah and fan. watched dance videos. Haiz... i really miss dancing. Sadly i stopped dancing ever since knowin ex bf. No more excercise, jump, shake here and there. WAH!! i want to DANCE!!

Blogged @ 3:59 PM
Sunday, November 23, 2008

BF fetch me from work yesterday.
Went to marina barrage walk around, enjoy the wind..
then had our supper at mas ayu, as usual.
back home at 12.45am.

Now at central as per normal.
Very2 bored today! nothing to do. imean we still have things to do. Need to go from lvl 1 to lvl 4 shops to shops to give out the promotion list and acrylic BUT not done yet cause its weekend. afraid alot of customer come to redeem their things and when there is only one person working another busy walking from shops to shops. Arh... how i wish to have another person working for atleast one or two days. So i can settle this walkaround job. =(

BF booking in soon and now its raining. Suggest if you share with your friends and take a cab. Dun wet urself in that smart uniform dear. Very short time spend with BF for this few weeks. =( sorry yer. Will get what we want k. I just cant wait for this coming weekend. I hope all settle and yeah yeah!!! =)

Blogged @ 12:48 PM
Saturday, November 22, 2008

yesterdays job preview was fine.
ended early and to BF house. i didnt know that there are actually have kenduri for the uncle. Seriously i forget sey. Chil around and back home. Plan to just rest and change got to go BF crib back but then i OVER SLEPT OK! BF give lots of miss call and few msges from friend. Kecoh kecoh.. Rest again and change meet BF. tot of going back to his crib but he went there alreasy and he gt plan with his friends. So i joined cause o really need to buy toiletories. So went to mustafa, dinner at arnorld. Weeee...

DRZ is so popular now.
Karno da kuar kan DRZ sey! dlm diam2 ey ya bt RIM lokek ey! i hate u ah.
Adam 17th dec DRZ also kan.
Fadhil ntah la bile nk kuar kan ey. kite wait long2 ah..
Rising stars most of them riding spark and soon will be DRZ..
actualy no big deal that bike is just cool esp gurls riding it. admire them. hope to be one of the.. well... got to get back to work. see you when i see you.!!! BTW rising stars nk gi batam ey countdown?? korang jahat!! fadhil tk de sey! na,pak nye kite due je la kt spore!!!
I benci you ah ym!!

Blogged @ 9:49 AM
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Firstly, i pass my Traffic Police test! Now legal to ride DRZ! yey!!
Secondly, i got a job. Went for the 2nd interview just now. I tot i did badly cause my role play is not that good. I didnt see myself beein so tuff. Will be going for job preview tomorrow. Yey! thaanks to era for replacing me. Sadly i got to leave this job. =(
To families and Bf. Do pray for me. Hopefully i can stand with the job and the people around. Amin..

Happiest Day ever!!

Blogged @ 4:12 PM
Monday, November 17, 2008

oh gosh! im so damn bored here with fan. Watched movie, friendster, multiply and so on but still bored. Not much customer come to and redeem things today cause its a weekdays. From 11am till now we only receive 6 customer compared to weekends, max so far is 34.. TOday end at 10pm and continue mac from 11pm - 1am request to back home early cause the very morning i gt Trafic Police test. And now my body is weak and sore throat.. Hopefully i will do my best and get what me and BF been wanting for. Insyallah..oh ya will be quiting mac call center job as they dun allow me to temporary stop woking as i got a temporary full-time job and they need me to atleast commit 2 days 11pm-3am in a week. i Want to but i dont think i can make it i have no off days until 28th december! see.. im a robot now! Sadly i will give the resignation letter to them today and will still work for a week. =(

Kak dela! i went to retake the english test kan that day and i PASS ok! haha.. kecoh la i mcm mane leh fail eng pass math pun i tk tahu. hahahah!! and kak guess wad i receive email dari them and they ask me to come for 2nd interview. i hope i get it sey.. shuuu dun mention abt wad job it is tau.

Bf i know u dun really like it but im sorry. I want to work with a very stable company cause once with the past exprience is enuf and please keep the promise that i told you the other day. Dont worrk k this is for our own good. love and miss yOU..

Blogged @ 2:00 PM
Saturday, November 15, 2008

come to work by public transport as BF using my bike to tuas with my brother. Come to work together with fAn took MRT ok. haha quite crowded.. i love this job cause no superior around. but we behave very well ok. In this big Redemption shop only two of us for this 2 weeks and wrappin group will only join us next 2 weeks! yay!!

mEt BF after work yesterday and off to mustafa to meet his NS friends. back at 1plus am and at that point of time i feel tired and very sleepy. aPe lagi nanti keje malam at mac call center!! arh!!! can i stop for time beein cause this job need us to OT sometime. You know la christmas.. anyway i will try to work for this week if i cannot take it then got to face the managers there again and explain.. =(

few hours to go home!! yey!! BF come quick and fetch me.

Blogged @ 2:24 PM
Friday, November 14, 2008

after so long..finally i gt a little time to update my blog.
i got a temporary job! yey! thanks to sally. working at central shopp center.
today is my first day and will be working till end of december.
i also applied a job and in the process. hoping for their call cant wait to start.
muda mudahan dapat..

**friends of stars fanatic more pictures to update.
sorry for the delay.

Blogged @ 1:20 PM
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi all.
sorry no update for the moment.
busy lookin for a job and no computer.
heee.. computer at home breakdown and no office comp.
=( hmm... shud get a lappy ey. will but maay be not now..
a big good bye to baby X1. you gt a new owner and i bet she will take good care of you and she'll beep us if ur sick k. You wil still meet baby spark and new brother ___. weee!!!!

Blogged @ 10:44 AM
Friday, October 17, 2008

bad new for MWg but got to accept it. anyway curently working as a CSO mcdelivery full time temporary, back to part time by early next month. Now busy with emails and resume looking for a new job. sad sad..will nt see me updating my multiply and friendster. Few hours to meet BF!!!! I RINDU YOU!!! will need to go 2 open house this weekend with BF. yEY!!
Og!! nk X1 fadhil tak? on sale tau. Call us for more info.

Blogged @ 1:47 PM
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weekend without BF was fine..
Saturday,11th Oct 2008.
Went out with mum and dad. First was to fan house and kar was there. Jumpe mak mentua ey kar? hahaha.. After food. conversation of me, fan mum, karno and my mum.
Fan mum : Ba, bile nk kawin?
Me : Kawin?? lagi lama la cik mabi. Karno ngan fana la dulu. Karno pun da tua.
Fan mum : Ingat nk buat kau ngan fana sama2. Karno umur bape?
Karno : 23 cik.
Fan mum : keje mane? adek beradek bape? semua da kawin?
Karno : answer all the question politely and truth.
Me : Hahahaha!!!
Fan mum : asl keje part time je?
Karno : da dot may be bulan depan start full time kt warehouse.
My mum : bagus. pergi carik kerje. Duit simpan cukip umur da boleh kawin. kalau boleh jg lambat2. sebab nanti kelua org ramai tngok tk bagus sebab .... bla bla bla..
Karno : ye cik.
Me : hahahahahaha!!!!!
Cik mabi : ba, nanti buat ngan fana skali.
Me : tk nk la cik mabi nanti pelamin roboh! lagi pun fadhil lagi lama la.. =( haha...
Me go in to fan room and told fan the whole story.. she was like laughfin. Kecian karno aru dtg uma da kene sound sal kawin. Chil2 k diorg tu sume nasihat je.. Then off to uncle house and another cousin house from there mum got to send me home cause wanna go out with kar and fan to leeya house.So meeting point my crib and off to aleeya house.
Went to aleeya house on saturday night with fan and karno. Met kyn and boyfriend there. Eat, Karaoke, picture taking, gossip, chill around. Back home at 11plus night.

Sunday, 12th Oct 2008.
Mum invite friends and cousins for our 2nd open house.
I woke up at 9am that day! got no idea why. cannot sleep sey.. miss BF lar..
then learn cooking mee goreng tom yam. yey i da tau cook fadhil fav meal. will cook for you next time k promise! Then while cooking mum get a news from her siblings that her yourger brother admitted in e hosp last night. We bath change and off to visit him. After that kan bailk. leeya came over to my house and from there we went to hafiz house. Fetch fan and toi sembawang .friend of mine house. Hmmm.. very kekok ey ma nk bebual.thanks to dee (khatijah) and dedel for talking to me. Cousin and bestie was like blurr at that point of time. Ica and aufa da besa sey. i remember when aufa 4th or 5th bdae i bought him a ice cream cake and when ica pun nk.. sorry ica tk sempat nk kasi anyway your brother finally gt someone that he really love that can replace me. You will get from her soon. =) make a move at around 9plus? While walking up the multi storey carpark.
the two mak nenek : was like ba u are like ........ there sey........
Me : da la korang biar la ngan dier. i dun even care sey.
the two mak nenek : tk tapi stop it siak dier. mcm dier tk kenal kau lak.
Me : kenal tu kenal la. but you know ape how they react when __ meet the __.
the two mak nenek : nasib baik kau ____ ____ ___ ___ __ ____.
Me : ya la alhamdullillah. but still he wil be a special friend to me. aku tk membuat musuh. da la korang ni kan!!
Drove to pungol send leeya and then back to tamp send fan and im home at 10plus.

Monday, 13th Oct 2008.
Monday blues at work.yey! my four hours with mac schedule aproved! meaning can change to mon and tues instead of mon and fri.. yey! today last day of one of my collegue gorge. sadly left four of us. 1 manager and three staff. well home we can make it.

TODAY!! only three staff at work.. hahahaha!! this must be crazy one down on MC. kecoh kecoh..

Blogged @ 6:22 AM
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday morning at work.. OT from 9am-12pm since got nothing to do at home.
Met fan yest and off to mustafa for toiletories and chocolates.
then to tamp mac for mamam. We tried on the wasabi FOF and wasabi fries.
yummy. we like it. Chit chat and karno join us at 10.30pm.. Moved to starbucks and chill around and home by midnight.
6days to BF book out. Im doing great. yey!
D, im very good girl tau. I didnt go home late. :)
mummy was sayin "fadhil tk de kau jg nk balik lambat2!"
haha.. laugh and laugh and laugh... no diff la mi.. im always good since im with him. =P
bye-bye! loging off soon!!

Blogged @ 7:55 AM
Friday, October 10, 2008

My mak nenek! bongkar my wallet!!
Went to Cik As house with fan. Mum cook them a agar-agar. So deliver it to them and mini open house. Mamam Tom yam soup (fan's fav) and mee hoon goreng. yum yum..Iman scard with fan at first but when fan offer her a HP she became friends with fan. hahaha!!! and above she curik my wallet, the moment then open up may wallet she smile BECAUSE she see ABG FADHIL picture there!! then she took all my cards and gave it to fan instead of me!! hermph!!!! iman sombong ey mentang2 abang fadhil dier tk ade.
Back home before 10pm. No plan at this moment. Fan ade plan tk?

Blogged @ 11:39 AM
Thursday, October 9, 2008

my raya mood is over. I hav nt wen to aunty and uncles house. mum ask me out but im too lazy to go lar. Very few houses i went to. BF fam came over my house last thursday and my fam came over to BF house last monday. All goes smoothly. alhamdullillah. da kenal each other! (mati la aku) hehehe!! BF loves my mummy mee goreng tom yam and my mummy likes mama mee siam. i love both cooks. both good cook ey! esheshesh..nanti aibah and kak dela lak kene belaja.. Outing with friends not plan yet. Wait for BF to book out and will see. Most likely second last week of syawal and picnic on the 26th this month? Guys plan plan!!
Today will be going to cik as house again for open house. kakak inviting her friends so i pun sibok2 la..will be bringin fan along. So atleast one of my cousins know my BF family i bet you'll like it fan! hehe.. kalau iman ade dun grab her cause shes mine! muarkx!! iman da jadi kakak kakak okay!

This few days i have no mood to go out. Meet my GFs yesterday and eat at mac. Chit chat, listen to one of my GFs problem and giving good advice. B, u know my story with fadhil and exbf kan. You also know how i feel until now. Grip each other hands and be super strong OKAY??!! jangan sad2 la..yang sudah tu sudah k. love you ifah!

Blogged @ 1:03 PM
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday morning, was on leave.
woke up early and fetch BF and family from home.
and off to Home Team Acedemy.
BF is in now. ;(
Soo sedih la. Will be in for 2 weeks.
it shud be fine.
D, i will hold the promise tight.
dont worry masam!!
your boyfriends and my girlfriends will keep me accompany.
and your baby boy is well taken care by me tau..


Blogged @ 7:55 AM
Friday, October 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada Semua Kawan Kawan Setia Aibah.
Malam raya with my BF. Iftar at BF home cause mami iftar at Al taqwa with ayah. THen drove kakak, abg and cik as to ikea and while we went to Tampines Mall to collect cake. Deliver to his home and wash car!! very dirty lei.. then meet mum wih bf and off to geylang. weee... im tired but forcing myself. mum need to buy seat cover. and we got it. back home by 2am and i continue cleaning home and slept at almost 5am!
woke up late. BF kejot2!! ERRR...
Get changed and to BF house.
back to home and niece,nephew,sis and bros all at home. mamam and picure taking and off we go!! bla bla bla.. just look the the pictures.
"Hey friend glad that you are back for raya in singapore with your family, love ones..have fun! tho u stayin here for awhile je. Take care."

Still planing what to get him and do for our twelve.
four days to be a Mr Policeman ya d!

Blogged @ 12:10 PM
Monday, September 29, 2008

Semoga akmal panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Dan jangan nk lupe sape aibah. May you have a great day ahead. Enjoy this special day to the fullest with your love ones. Nak kawin jangan lupe jemput nanti i find your ibu!
(Dont worry i will never forget you la friend)

Tiring weekend. clean house. very penat. very bersihrak. waaah.. and today at work stay till 8pm. boring liow. feel like going home and clean house till shining. Went to ikea and courts yesterday with mama, syakir and fadhil. Got my home a laci for my brother shoes and a shoe rack and suppose to buy 2 fans for home but when i turn back to courts its already close. Boring. Fix the cabinet and slept at 3am yesterday. Waah.. cant wait till end of today. Start leave tomorrow till thursday and next mon and tues! hahahaha.. sadly this friday need to come back. =( Few more stuff to buy for raya. Accessories!!

Blogged @ 12:34 PM
Friday, September 26, 2008

went to meet i-VIC colleague after work and break fast together. Tot of going home but friends all like asking "kau pegi?" "kau pegi?" then make up my mind la. So i went.. My food first to come!haha!!! dtg lambat lagi la.. get to test out my T70. but forget to bring to work today to upload. So will do it on monday. not much tho. Yest suppose to order a cake bUT some people angry with me yest because of my top.. :( sorry la. not that open aper. ok you can have it and jadi kain buruk for your bike k. =P All settle within hours. thank god.
Today plan is to follow kak del, siti, fiqah & abg az to geylang insyallah..

Blogged @ 8:15 AM
Thursday, September 25, 2008

ok. Basically thats how i look like today.haha..plain. arrh.. BF not working at mac today.. Tot of going bik ani hse alter BF kurung but forsure bik ani will go terawih so just wait til saturday then. I giv BF a choice to rest at home today or meet me but to dont know where. He is still thinking. Lunch sechdule changed. from now on will be going for lunch at 1.30pm.. yey! good..

Today plan is. after wirk go home. break fast. stil doing nothing. unless BF wanna meet me. tot if temaning Ifah search for make up but i mcm penat lak. see how. Ivic colleague breakin fast at simpang but i dont feel like joining.ala senang ckp today i very lazy to go anywhere. Aleeya i miss you but i dun know when i can meet you lar.. weekends busy. Tomorrow will be going to geylang with cik mabi, fan maybe karno. well.. welcome to the family karno!! hehe.. Drive to geylang on friday night can drives me crazy!!

twleve days to twelve and twelve days for you to be a Mr Policeman! haha!!

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**Thuwaibah Abdul Rahman & Farhanah Abdul Rahman**

on MC yesterday. couldnt wake up. body suddenly feel so weak and head so heavy. So decided to rest at home but still need to take MC. So wake up at 1 and meet this belo gurl. then off to tampines polyclinic.. Spend an hour there and back to fan crib send her home and accompanny wani to alter he kain for raya. All done send he back and off to fan crib. rest there till buke. wah berat lei kepale. Every single day look at the bladdy comp. Work getting complicated. seriously. colleague doin mac instrad of MWg. 1 missing to dont know where and another manager gone with me and sam do not know why? haha.. bluur sia. ok whatever k. im not gonna ask unless you come and tell me. You know. cause i ever asked once and another colleague answer is so damn frustrating. so Whatever.

and LOOK at the second picture. oh gosh i didnt realise that my hair colour look so like mins.. haha. yucks!! the colour is fadding. been months i last dyed my hair. got to do something with it. and like finally i already got a bag and a shoe for raya. Fuh! pocket koyak ok nk raye nie!!.. slack raya this year. not so into it.. nvm..

*i love you. holdin our hands tight.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

yesterday was a nice sweet day.
woke up early in the morning and help mum at her shop till 4pm.
then fetch BF and off to Parkway parade.
Our intention was buy a 3quater pants at gio. but it is already out of stock.
So we walk up to harvey norman. and BF wants to buy a cam. i was laughfin and didnt take his words. We did give a try on some cam like samsung and sony. THere is newer model for sony same as T300 but just slimmer, model T77. Super slim ok price $549. cheaper then T300 original price $599 simce still sale is was sold at $499 and we also try on T70. not bad only that the pixel is 7.1.. After tryin. HE gt the T70 @ $399!!! I told him if can we get something more cheaper but his eyes love the T70..So he bought the T70. after paying he says its a gift from him to me as a advance gift for our 1st anny.. Haha touching nye. D we suppose to share remember? he reject the plan and so i got a cam from my beloved BF for advance 1st anny. Love you many2 mulut masam!! promise will take very good care of it. after buyin the cam BF come over to my house and break fast together with my family. Like finally! haha.. sedap kan ketang boll mami? yum2 but sorry daging terkeras. rushing lar..

maghrib over. wash up and meet ifah,yan and mus at esso off to geylang grab a food and bubble tea and off to YM's house to watch soccer.Its 10pm!! me and ifah went off to get the car from home and send my granny home. washed car at Shell clean it up and back to YM's house i mean need to pass BF food but then instead of pass him the food he ask me to send him home. tk tau malu!! hehe. yah sent him home and home sweet home @ 12.00am.

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Break fast with SF @ chai chee restaurant last saturday was a blast. all meet up at esso and proceed to chai chee restaurant at 6.15pm.Reached chai chee restaurant and total of only 4 round table reserved for us.Menu: Tom yam soup, Daging black pepper, udang, ayam lemon, ikan sweet&sour, squid, sotong goreng with flour togeher with nasi goreng. Drinks is blueberry and bandung. total of $600++. Worth it? haha.. ok la. cant finish it.. After the big dinner off to Arab street for sheesha. We got this exclusive place. third level aircon but cant feel the aircon. the whole level is all ours. so the guys shit chit chat creck jokes and pantun. Me, ifah and fan took a cam and chill along arab street and picture taking. finally fresh air. soo lemas ok in that room.Grab a drink and bill came the guys paid. Get our bike and ride to plaza singapura. My BF tompang me ok! haha. Catch a movie at The Cathay "Mirror" @ 1.40am. Boring la the movie except for the shocking part. upset. Back home and BF bike feel soo different. see i told you earlier on kan! hermph.. Home sweet Home @ 3.50am.
Love you BF.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

two SPARKY went for lunch at tamp again. Fid la nk buy this and that. as per normal me and nadia gt our yoghurt and chang kees..yummy!
will be going JB today with fai and kar.
guys meet at caltax at 10pm okies. ride slowly cause my bike is die'in.
BF put a note at my HP on things that need to change.

wah!! banyak nye!! bleh pengsan. i hope everything is gona be fine and will nt take long. ikotkan ati mls nk go but no choice. Bike is asking for HELP!! and i guess what TP is in two months time. arrr... very long. cant wait..
psss....besty leeya i miss you too!!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

..Aibah Abdul Rahman..

just gt back from lunch with Fid and nadia. We went to Tamp fid gt herself some make ups. While me and nad buy bubble tea and chang kees..Yum-yum.. today after work will be going to CDC to book TP. haha... cant wait lar.. poor BF wait k wait till i pass then big bike here we come.. ;) actually no i want car instead. a small one will do but after discussion he die2 want. ok la give u chance k.. will not go any where else today i want to watch my Cinta fitri missed alot of episod..

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Break fast with the cousins yesterday.
as per normal at Rasa 21.
break our fast and chit chat.
and off to tampines mall.
got our chips and bubble teas.
chill at one building and gossip.
all about work and past.
its drizzlin and moved to mac.
and guess who i saw!
my old time hOT-HOT!!
arrrr.... geram..
still same old him with the stupid lame GF.
gurl, you shud nt react that way.
come on.
an old friend from previous job.
haha.. well naj wad happen to ur gillera?
ok drop it. back to cousins.
chit chat till before midnight.
and back home.
thanks fan, tan and zac.
somebody is still angry with me.
well if the choc and note not enuf for you.
then nothing more i can do. sorry.
somebody is on for a lame game.
count me out cause that wont work.
aku ikhlas.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Finally it's such a relieve."
all done. thanks friend!

Yest BF fetch me from home and went to survey kedai makan.
for breaking fast with SF total of 35pax!
j-wok was fully booked.. :(
might be eating at chai chee restaurant. ok thats boring.
we see hw it goes..

and nw somebody is angry with me over something that is not important.
ouh ouh...
sorry la awak. kite tell the truth sey..
will deliver a chocolate to your house k..
promise. and suji and agar2 for home.
i love you masam.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

last friday,
late dinner with MWg at swensens tamp.
crack jokes and stupid act.
pasta and main course.
ice creams and drinks.
nt 4gettin the ice cream mooncake.
finally we got it but not the flav of our choice.
anywae we had fun tho i only join them for short.
after swensens met kak d, dek ct n fiqa at geylang. wallk around.
looking at FOOD! but i didnt buy any.
waited for abg to come and off we go HOME!
me ride there alone. so paisey. once back home. clean up and off to bed.

Saturday, 13th Sept 08.
Woke up at 10am. and guess wad.
i went to JB with MUMMY ok! its so urgent.
so thats why mummy sunddly wanna pimp my ride. haha.
traffic jam lar. but like 30-45mins. kaki so weak..
we were so rushing. reached JB at 12plus and need to be back in spore by 2pm.
due to i have practical lesson. after collect something at JB off we back to spore and guess was!
i entered the wrong lane! biomatric and only for rider w/o pillion. ok so we stuck and i call the ICA staff. and need to wait for policeman to come and personally bring us to the office. may may need to U-TURN!! i was lik WTF!! ok so we selawat banyak2. and this pakcik check our passport and we are save!! dont have to U-TURN. yes ah..
i pecut bacl but cannot fast la cause i bring my mum. and shes cubby.
u know.. so sparky brought us back to spore safely and punctual. alhamdullilah.
have a quick change and off to pract. was fasting that day. all the way on a hot sun and i was so weak. but i made it ok. sukur.. aft pract back home rest and BF fetch me. Brake fast at his crib and yest like usual with the kecohs aunty, uncles and cousins.. after dinner.
BF bring me out ok.haha.. to Marina SQ and i got a mango top.
met his sec sch friends and hang around till midnight and back home.
thanks BF.
the next day.
somebody make me angry!
haha.. recover fast.
followed mami and nephew to geylang to buy baju for him.
then send one by one home and lastly i send myself home.
change and ride to simpang meet BF, mantoi and YM there.
they break fast and it rains heavyli!
off to tamp and watched STEP BROTHERS together with
kar, fan, rif, mantoi, fad, ym.
after show back home.

and today! MONDAY BLUES till 8.
2down. 1 MC and another 2days leave.
left with 4 today. 1 manager, 1 trainer and 2 staff.
and now all the 3 went for lunch and im all alone.
boring. lucky i can surf net or else i'll be dead!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Three hours to go. and im bored!
hmmm.... i cant sleep last night!! was thinking of something.
something i will not happen.
no i mean i dont expect that thing to happen.
just that i keep on thinking bout it.
haiz... why??....
its over and im happy.
may be that big thing always accompany me to sleep and that makes me to keep thinking?
hmmm.. shall i throw it? NO! haha..
ya i know past is past but there is always something keep botherin me.
dont blame me about what happen that night along bedok south towards bedok.
accept the fact that you are the brave one that send the msg.
accept the fact that you are the one recall the matter when everything is already over.
why i didnt go and leave u with them that night?
because i dont want u to get hurt by them. but u gt hurt BECAUSE i wasnt payin attention at u at that point of time.
why i still followed you back after the incident?
because i still care and want to say something. but i couldnt. opposite words is out instead.
after all over why i still want to meet you?
because i still want to have you.
but why i dun want to continue?
that is it! i didnt tell you. i cant!! ahhh!!!!
wait. aku merepek ah.. kyn u understand? tk kan??
haha... k crap lagi.. tak pe nk just wanna kill time.
kyn nk buke same2? i really miss you.. ;)
touching tk aunty miss anak sedare.. haha..

Saturday will break fast with BF and fam at his crib.
he plan to go buy baju but we see how.
i love you BF. sun i pass you the choc ok ketiak masam.

*no hard feelings babe. both way story tellin will be better.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

** MFS & TAR**

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i have this not going to work mood.
very weak. face skin dry.
at least today i have quite a number of emails.
so have something to do. not like last few days.
BF is the always good mood to work.
no matter how tired he is he will sill go to work.
good! Thats my BF. ;)

yey! 20 days to syawal.
Baju da beli.
kasot belum.
basic make up da.
accessories belum.
HAHA.. kecoh pe!

BF will serve the nation soon. less then a month time.
soo lucky its a week after raya. anyway, mr Policeman.
promise made! and I <3 You ok.

Today will be meeting farhanah AGAIN!
haha.. that another daughter of abdul rahman.
will be going to courts. no idea why she just give me some plan.
ok fan confirm but credits kene patahkan dulu kan? haha..
you make me angry la. cause i have not buy that T300 yet!! errr...
Btw im happy for you. appreciate it ok. be more patience jg la degil2.
gi carik keje full time yg bagos k. get ready per!! dier kan da tua fan!
congrets and all the best. raya aju hitam ah ni? hahahahah....
fan looking forward for SF buke puase gathering ey..

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

its been almost a year im over with you.
but ur name is still here with me where ever i go.
u got a beautiful GF so do i got a good BF.
U moved on so do i.
but did you forgive me?
there is more story kept secret.
but you wouldnt let me explain.
and well once ur back if were to see you around gimme a smile.
forgive me.
purple kurung with a green bike.
u gt handcalf bcoz of my mouth.
big pooh on my bed.
midnight u met in an accident.
alot more.... all that memories...
haha.. aibah nape emo ey?
i dun know why still want to blog about my past.
maybe i miss those moment. hmmm..
*to the GF: take good care of him.He is the guy that you can trust and be with till the rest of your life. hE will never hurt you.trust me and take my words.

Ok CUT!!
its just 11:50 am now. 6 more hours to go..
and im done wit my emails. answer 3 callls only since 9:00 am.
see.. bored right?? gosh!3days more to weekends.
BF already plan what to do and where to go on our 12.
but i still thhinking what to get for him. he got too many tees, pants, slippers, watches..
he dun like ring.. well still thinking..
okay bloggin off. its lunch time and off o pantry and rest..

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friday, 5th Sept 08
Took urgent leave. Help mum.
lods and lods of bottles at home so need to paste the Mr Putu sticker on it.
did three packs and off to do all the necessary stuff.
like alteration of kebaya, buy pandan..
break fast at home with fan.
then to BDN and chill around and met zac. chit chat till mid night. ate 29 pieces of spicy nuggets!

Saturday, 6th Sept 08
fetch fan and bought cake for belated bdae to kak julie and brother.
break fast at home with family. BF dun wanna come. his house also fam gathering.
well after break fast suppose to meet and go geykand as fan need to change her baju.
sadly we didnt go cause it rains. bla bla bla la guys.. DISASTER OK!

Sunday, 7th Sept 08
plan to break fast at Rasa 21 mini celeb 11th.
but turn out breakin fast at BF home.
met the Starts at esso and off to geylang.
oh gosh we ate alot!! buger satay, buger ramli, keropok leko, Mr Putu's katira, mata kuching, bandung, dengdeng and alot more.
back home before midnight.
that day on the way back im the rider and he's the pillion. haha!!
no shame! =P

emails done. calls not that much. been surfin net jer.
and today need to stay up til 8 ok! break fast at work SUXs!!

29days to 12.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

TUesday, 2nd Sept 2008
Breakfast with fan at Rasa 21.
been cravin for laksa! and got it!
ride to geyland and survey for raya clothes.
aim for few and fan will get one today! haha..
takot tk de size ey fan.. fa mintak2 mulut kau masin.
"if i were to terserempak with them i would be happy but feel sad hahaha ape aku mepek"

Today will break fast at BF home again. seein iman again! notty gurl!
today i dun want to carry you again until you make that angry face k. ;)
I love you Nyra Iman!! hopin today after break fast will not rain as BF wanna buy cap to use it when he botak!! haha!! lets aim for rip curl or volcom k. i love those brand baby..
today at work not much things to do. finished my email with the help of Yvonne. calls not as much as last few days. surfin internet and go online shoping. aim the sweater and tees from forever 21 US.. haaas.. see hw la....my online shop from tawain finally here.. will order again soon!! fan kau nk ape blg aku tau..

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saturday, 30th Aug 08
Fan slept over my house frm saturday. So sat morning both woke up at the same time. golek2. chit chat and get change. Went to mum shop to send some stuff then to BDN and have early lunch. From there off we go to CDC have revision and practical. Took pract 3 with farhan. I had alot of fun as not much people that day. during pillion riding haha.. guess wad. this friend of mine, farhan tompang me! haha.. da la motor berat dier pun berat. but i did fine. Had alot of fun.. On the dot we finish our session rain come! fuh nasib ok! but we stayed there till rain slow down. but fan still totally wet and my pants jus came out of washing machine. Back home rest by then it is already 5plus. So we didnt go to aunty wedding. Chill at home and fall asleep then out for something. Other cousins nag but who cares. haha!

Sunday, 31st Aug 08
Met BF at 5plus afternoon and to Tampines.
I decided to buy make ups. but i only manage to get my fav blusher.
compact powder is not available there. So after that went to esso and meet the rest and off to Kallang for bowl. We bowl till 11plus and back home..

Monday, 1st Sept 08
To all muslims SELAMAT BERPUASA!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Met the crazy fan after work. Planned to wash my bike at caltex tampines but then i changed my mind and want to go to CDC, Ubi. So from tampines ride to Ubi. At one of the busy junction(ubi). This nice cute guy riding towards Eunos link and this particular chinese lady driving a toyota altis turning to the right towards kaki bukit. I was at a red light junction (stationery) towards CDC. And was chit chatting with fan Sundenly i was suspecting that this car will hit the guy. and YES! the guy roll together with his bike and i was right infront and nearest to him. with no delay i turn my trotle but bike not moving, not realising that i was on nuteral gear. haha! kancong ok! push bike aside and give a hand to the guy.. He seems shocked. His smart top and bottom is torn!. Roll is right sleve up and full of blood! nasib baik aku tk lemah semangat.
that aunty stoPped her car at one lane road and cause traffic jam. auty come over to us and say "boy are you okay?" ahah.. what a stupid question. his hand is full of blood and shirts all torn. . The bike obstruc the road. busses cant move so with no ther choice need to move the bike since nt makin it to big case. So i very confident want to carry the bike. So i carry the bike and asked that guy to sit one side. i can carry okay but cant push. and guess what my left hand is weak now. cant bring it high up.ohoh.. wait till they exchange contact number and particulars. Me and fan off to CDC. wah! both very shocked. Continue our ride to Tampines Mall and again survey on cameras and lap tops. Then chill at rasa21 have a drink. back home and cant sleep. nw at work feel sick. 1 top and 2sweater.. sEJOK!!!!

Tomorrow will be another busy day for me.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

afternoon people!
i've been trying to put new skins again and again
but fail. i mean i able to see the post at other computer but not at office
computer. why ey?
so i fed up lets just use this skin. nt bad after all.
shud hv nt deleted annisa skin!!

fan slept over my house.
bring her to meet fad cousins.
we went to bugis and then to swensens.
treat them some ice creams and sides.
is was raining the whole day and i took
PUBLIC transport ok! big headace!
haha.. and then to fadh house.
run here and there. laugh high and low.
then off to watch movie!
with karno, fan, hisham and wani.
watched meet dave.
after movie. went home stright.

Sunday, followed brother to
tuas to see him "race" i mean just a practice befor the actual day.
7am early in the morning out of home.
with the cool weather. took van from ubi to tuas.
weather looks fine that moment. so they start and off to track.
with all the noice coming from everyone bike.
but cool. i wish to be on that track one day just once is enough ;)
then back home watched tv fell asleep and awake at 6pm.
ouhoh! late. janji kakak to go chaichee. a quick change and bik nor fetch me!
heee.. sit at home talk2. IMAN AWAKE! kiss2 her.. mamam and then off to movie again
was a last min thing. friends got a van so all 10 people squeeze to a 5pax van. haha..
watched Death race! haha.. cool!!!!
movie end off to simpang and have or supper.
im back home.
and BF continue the outing with the friends.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

http://www.auntybaba.multiply.com have fun looking at it..
been quite busy this few days.
will update again soon!!
take care guys!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

NEW SKIN! choosen by annisa!
heee.. nis i like it.
thank you very much.
nk ape chocolate ke gule2?
aku serious ni..
choose 2 skins but unfortunately.
both cannot be use. STUPID!
tk pe annisa choice is nice jugak ok.

btw.. MORE OUTDOOR PICS uploaded at my MULTIPLY.
www.auntybaba.multiply.com go and have a look under delazni wedding.

Monday Holiday! yey!!
*080808* confirm banyak org nikah nari.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Kopet Fan!
Kak D and Dek A.
kAK d and Adiks.
Sunday, 3rd Aug 08.
Meet BF again at 1.30PM.
off to fan house to give the helmet.
and fan belum mandi!!! look at the pic above!!
then proceed to pasir ris.
Very hot and sunny day. i sweat alot.
reached her home.
and im sweating. yucks!
Kak diana enggage.
Happy for her.
Ex bosses was there too.
shy sey.. heee.. happy to see the cute them.
After that OFF to kak jen house.
brand new house. nice.
chill there till 8pm.
then to bugis.
bought some tops and bottem for work.
and a shoe as BF want me to change my shoe!
ok. smaill and fast shopping
ride to atm.
transfer all cash to another bank.
Home sweet Home.
Will be going BATAM again next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
yey! A NEw member joining us.

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DSC W170/R! The next thing to aim!
Saturday, 2nd Aug 08.
Meet BF at 1pm. Straight to "Ah Boy".
Bought Fan a helmet as a belated bdae gift.
before that already bring her to "Ah Boy" Last thursday.
and she choose this nova helmet with fins. which cost SGD 55.
No less. this abg very farking idot. not a single cents.
Icalled friends how much will normally the helmet cost and asked for SGD 50.
The abg refuse to give. he said "call la banyak2 org harga tetep same".
With no delay i go out of that stupid shop. See with girls they ketok harga.
think what i dont know how much normally helmet cost. hah!
So thats why brought BF to "Ah Boy" again to bargain.
And guess what he got it at SGD50 atleast there is SGD5 less ok!
Stupid abg! With you there the "Ah bOy" shop willnot have great sales sia.
ok thats it.
then followed BF to service his bike.
BF send me home.
get change then meet khiar, fauzy and zac at Eunos CC. but zac's super late.
had a chill meal at there while we were outside waiting for her. well.. get used to it tho.
Off to Nadia house at Cardiff Grove.
finally she got enggage. THe house was super great.
sat there till 7plus. Send Zac home and off to BF house.
Mama call me to come. =)
played with iman while the rest have their dinner.
10 plus went home but helped BF with his bike.
Change his lights. but still not diff. haha!
tk PRO ah YOU.
back home at 12am.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yen. yup thats my number!

Schedule full this weekend..
Have a great weekends guys.!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday, 26th July 08.
send mum to airport with BF.
shes off to surabaya.
then have lunch at Popeyes.

to Eunos to check on some van repair.
and then to tamp mart send flour.

fetch fiqah then to chai chee.
lepakz there watch video of kak dela wedding.
fetch iman and chill again.
till after maghrib.
send iman home with bibik.
BF drove me to VIVO. but was pack. car park was FULL.
to marine parade have dinner at mas ayu.
and then beep my besty lia.
after dinner meet lia to gossip and pass her watch that i bought it for her.
gossip till we drop. haha.
tot of going to JB but to tired.
have pract the next day.

send BF home and HSH at 3plus in the morning.

Sunday, 27th July 08.
my pract 2. and i fail. haha.
cause fig 8 posture was incorrect.
i love bumpy course. damn it!

ebrake okok lor. shoes weT!
so got home and rest.
afternoon at around 4 plus.
fetch BF and family went to parkway parade.
ma and pa got a voucher to use.
and i busy playin with IMAN!

dinner at banquet.
then to vivo to fetch kak and abg from batam.
send them back home and we off to esso.
metting point.
meet te rest .
off to Serai Makan Place? former 89.7 (SMP)
supper and discuss about next trip.

15 - 17aug to Batam again.
suspect to have 16people.
the rest still pending.. we'll see..

cant wait for the next trip.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Party was held at Fraser Suite, River Valley.
Abg Fadhil bought her 3 pairs of tops. hmmm..
enjoy playing at the play house. =)

Kak dela called me and inform that her wedding pictures and video all ready! will come. need to watch. cant wait!
BF were saying i look selenge but lawa when outdoor shooting? hahaha.. thanks d. =)
Im down with flu and air con at workplace is super cold to the blast. Everyone were like bringing a thick jackets and myself sampai pakai raincoat. haaaa..
As for my 2A i doing fine! starting to like but i hate to push the bike! damn susa. just waiting for figure 8 and bumpy course. BF told that bumpy course is quite tuff. haha! here we go!!! Girl POWER!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

back from BATAM!
Stayed at Sentosa Hotel.
the buget2 hotels.
First night was tiring and damn hugry.
next morning the breakfast was horrible. haha,
never see that type of breakfast ever.
brought the rest to spa at salon christopher.
they had fun i must say. i didnt spa.
cream bath my hair and ear candlin.
no time for medi and pedi. haiz...
back to hotel and chill. the boys and girls wen to karaoke when me and ifah stayed in hotel.
me was alone in a room so do ifah.
felt asleep till the rest came back at 3am.
2nd night was so bored.
sunday. last day. went mini shopping at nagoya hill. bought watch.
thats all! BORING KAN? i mean the plan.
but the friends was great. non stop laughfin. =)
back home and back to work.
poor nephew he's sick due to some IRRITATING kidos in school beaten him up.
they gonna get it from LAW. haha! stupid kidos wanna be.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

four hours to go.
wow. im so restless at work.
just waiting for the time to meet the rest and hear their laughfter.
time passes so sloW!!
Today i go to work by BUS!
haha.. BF will fetch me from work..
Loving you dude! =)

Blogged @ 7:10 AM
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friday, 4th July 08

Went to Clark Quay with the kecohs girlls.. haha.. fun!

SaturdaY, 5th July 08
IM not able to come for shift today and i did sms my manager about this.
which was thurs or Friday morning. But didnt reply. i also did told him that im not able to get replacement.
to cut it short.
He suxs. Im sorry but i got to say this. Most of the staff hated him.
firstly. he choose who he likes only. a few month joining swens. promoted to part time supervisor.
When another girl stick to staff. thats fine. i understand cause hes super close to her.
well.. manager gatal. haha.. then the poor thing is part time supervisor and part time manager having the same pay hourly? hahaha.. he must be kidding sia.
and guess wad now he terminate me? hahaha.. isnt he crazy?
previously he ask a resignation letter form me. Few hours later he get to know form staffs at swens that he terminate me. but he didnt tell me. haha. stupid shit.
nvm la.. manager but not acting like manager. poor little staff keep strong girls and boys. just bare with him. he became like this because he wan to get promoted to Area manager.
ok ncm fullstop to many things to talk abt but lazy.

Sunday, 6th July 08
watched HANCOCK. hmm.. i had a big headace so i didnt relly understand but actually merepek ah. well..

Monday, 7th July 08
ITS OUR day. every 7th of the month.
was shocked to get a wish from you. =)
will love you forever fadhil.

will be meeting fan in late afternoon to mustafa. need to buy something.
she will be going to KL with his fam,
me going to BATAM with the fam and friends,
zac going to KL with friends.
cousins outstation. haha..
few more days to batam! yeeehaaaa!!!!
cant wait for the best moment la!
fadhil, im still angry with you tau.
waiting for my chocolates.....

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Saturday, July 5, 2008


carowner: thanks for the info! =) wil update.


end work at 8pm today!

will be going to Clarke Quay today.

with. kiki, tika, fiqah, siti, kak del, abg az and BF i dont know.

choose to meet his friends instead of family. haha. i dont understand.

next friday to batam is confirm.

hotels booked! yeah!

so ifah im here to teman you k.

kecian dier alone..

colabor of fad's friends and mine.

kecoh ape..


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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaak!!!! Aibah San!!
haha.. Good morning Singapore!
Very hard time to wake up today..
chatted with old friend yesterday.
weik jg terase la not you ok! haha...
Nice talking to you. ok not im refering to you.
Take good care of your self and happy2 always.
Please set a date that we can meet up.
kesian si mimi tu ter tunggu2.
only us k. Kwn2 LAme!!!
watch a movie and have dinner?
So beep me.
thank you!
Will be going out with the fam in the evening.
booked mummy's car. yey!
bringing kiki and tika to merlion and mustafa.
and i need to shop for toiletories too.
soo see me there!!!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

*aibah * Kiki *Tika
*Siti * Fiqah
Saturday 28th June 08,
Bring kiki and tika go shop at bugis and Parkway.
they are form medan. to understand their language is so susa.
like cat and dog talking. haha..
but had fun!
that sat was damn funny and exciting.
we laugh till we can talk.
Meet up at chaichee.
Blanja them so took cab to bugis.
have to cause wether is so hot cant afford to wait for bus and mrt.
fuuuh... once reach.
We start our journey at bugis street.
They shopp there.
All tired have a break at long jhon.
bought them food and giggle around.
after dinner proceed to parkway.
took bus there! haha.. and i lost.
in that bus a apek shouted at us.
then when i asked the bus driver for direction and where to change bus.
he wasnt friendly and mummblin.
reached parkway we shop.
bought auntie ann bread.
when ordering the lady mummbling.
Q'ing for cab.
alot of inconsiderate people cut the Q.
I could not take it. they playing game with me.
hah. i walked forward and stop a cab. haha.
and this apek bodo very rude. i slam his front door and he drove away.
and lastly nice pakcik take all 5 of us in a cab.
thanks to him.
back home thonk that we can stop laughfin.
but no! fiqah told the rest of the fam the whole thing happen on the day.
very kecohrable.
Sunday 29th June 08,
kakak is back from honey moon.
i joined them late due to something on.
didnt tell BF the truth.
but after tellin him the right story he's mad with me..
hehe.. sorry la. suppose to be a suprise.
nvm. all done.
yey. love BF!
seems like the rship that we going thru isnt that bored.
few more months for BF be a policeman. heh!
exBF got a new GF!
im happy for him but still sad.
sad to what happen in the past and till now its not been recover.
waiting for aidilfitri so that he could forgive me.
i just wan him to understand what am i try to say.
waiting for his forgiveness.
allow me to meet him and give a last explination tho this is long time ago.
before i go let me meet you as a friend.

Blogged @ 5:58 AM
Saturday, June 28, 2008

will be working til 8pm today.
i simply hate monday and friday.
need to commit 4hours with mac. boring!
i know can earn more cash from there but i dont like it to be on firday! like every one going home change and out have dinner with friends, watch movie and me here need to seat for another 2hours!
watching movie later with fai, fan, fad & myself. with the Fs.
so catch us at downtown watching get smart at 9.55pm show.
tap me if see me! haaa...

Blogged @ 9:00 AM
Friday, June 27, 2008

afternoon readers!

Had my lunch outside with shikin at Rasa 21.
Rush one but nice meal and worthit.
Back to work and feeling like want to sleep!!
yesterday went to meet BF. we chill around.
and back by 9.30pm. Both tired and need a rest.
Still planning where to go this weekends.
BF plan to watch two movies.
But not able because need to bring his cousins from medan out.
Means bring them around singapore.
Where shall we go?
Sentosa? hmm.. still thinking.
Its great if we could borrow mummys car and go all around.
well well.. surfin net see where is a nice place to go.
I want them to enjoy!
Today after work going to BF house mama kus da panggil!
hehe.. i just simply love their family.
they gether most of the time. jealous sey.
My fam nope cause all busy working.
i need to understand cause mum have own business to run.
im happy to have a BF with a great family.
Supporting and understanding.
Especially kak dela.
i treat her like my own blood sis.
Shes everything. Love you kak.
lastly, I MISS baby iman!!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

finally kak delazni's wedding is all over.
not they are husband and wife.
a very tiring wedding ho i didnt do much things.
guess due to early wake up. hmmm..
Photoshoot was fun.
photos not updated yet as digi cam is with kak dela and shes off to bali for her honeymoon!
wwah best nyer!!!!!
will update picts once shes back.

THanks dear for telling me how, what you feel towards me.
nOW i love you very very much and till forever iwant to be with you. insyallah.
we work hard for it and get what we want first k. Love you fadhil.

Blogged @ 4:03 AM
Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Aibah A.Rahman
This is how i look like yesterday. haha.. lame aibah. well.. just taken my lunch and still have a little more time to spend. Yesterday followed kak dela for facial and i did something with my eyebrowns and it seems to be so fine. thanks mak andam. kak dela yg nk kawin aku yg sebok2.. heee... one task done so today going marina square for acessories with bik nor..

Chatted with MA on msn yesterday. not much things just the usual questions.
We've moved on and im happy because he already found someone that im sure he'll love so much and unexplainable. Congrets dee. be good to him trust me he's super good man. You will have a good love life if you really appreciate him. Smile always dearest dee!!! muarks!!
BF, im really in love with you.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sleepy? Singing? Cute?
this is my desktop wallpaper. i just find it simple and sweet. haha. cute la huh. oh well im feeling week la this few days. why ey? hmmmm...work load is just fine. weather maybe.
having this holiday mood between july and august. hmmm i wonder. batam again or KL. weeeee.... Im loving my BF very much.. muarks!! hahahaha...

Today, meeting kak dela and accompany her for facial.
Tomorrow, meeting bik nor and going to marina for acessories at Diva or use henna.
Friday, cut cake ceremony for the pengantin and june babies.
Saturday, hairdo in the morning. pengantin nikah in the afternoon. and photoshoot late afternoon.
Sunday, kak dela & abg az sanding.
Monday, work. hopefully i can take it. haha..

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday, 14th June 08.
work part-time at swensens from 9am - 3pm.
went hm straight afer work.
rest. Watch TV.
wake BF up.
Meet BF at 6.30pm.
Went to see movie show time. but didnt watch.
Went marina sq. bought Yanto's bdae gift.
Then to kampong BBQ at nadia agus house.
Chill there this 10plus.
Went to tamp to meet mama at org kwin as she cooks.
Went there and mamam.
then home at 1am.

Sunday, 15th June 08.
woke up at 9plus am.
Went to work. and i saw something not right with my bike.
and yeah. my gear lever bend (downwards).
to who ever did that accident la kau (tk sekamat).
i almost fall went left turn. (stupid jobless people)
went hm after work. (too hot and sunny day)
Chat with BF.
ajak him to go dinner with ma fam but he reject. (takot ngan mami tk dpt discount)
haha!! sometime i find my own BF is cute. but more to irritaitng. heee..
He fetched me at 5.20pm.
To tampines mall. order a cake for someone.
then to Temp mart bought putu piring.
to cik as house mamam.
my fam then fetch me at cik as house.
off to mamam at maks place.
but was full house.
went to T2 swensens but FULL house.
Back to simpang bedok. and mamam.
hahaha.. a long day.

Monday, 16th June 08.
Monday blues to work.
very sleepy. no rest.
until next next next week ends!!
going off in three hours time..


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Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is my first day at MWg collection point.
I loike alot.
woke up early in the morning at 6am.
get chage and BF fetch me at 6.50am.
followed him to his work place collect his stuff and send me to work.
start at 9am and will end around 6pm.
im all alone at the desk. i love it this way. =)
now my stomach is yelling for help. im so hungry!!
waiting for my lunch time BUT ALONE! =(
now hungry and damn cold. wonderin where to eat later.

Blogged @ 4:45 AM
Thursday, June 12, 2008

**MWG Zinc ll**
Latest model in Mobile Wireless group (MWg). I've been using this device. Its great! compared with other model(s). COOL trust me. but of cause it is alittle bit diffcult if we already get used with normal handphone. wanna but it? go get it!
PC show from 12th – 15th June @ Suntec convention centre,
Products involved is only MWg Atom V and MWg Zinc II.
Today come to work by CAB!! mahal ape! aiyoh. but no choice cause its raining heavily liow.
and BF fetching me today! great! psss.. he's in a good mood ok. Going home time..
Tomorrow, is my first time working at the collection point alone! lunch at? alone? this must be crazy sia!!!!. Pray hard aibah. gonna deal with good and bad customer 1-to-1!!!

Blogged @ 8:45 AM
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kung Fu Panda @ DownTown East
Ice-cream @ Gelare
He with his fav pose
yah. on our way to DOWNTOWN i saw this. my bike plate number la!!
3927!! so far i found 2 cars with the same plate number as mine. haha.. susa nk dpt tau. thanks b for riding fast so i can capture that car (toyota altis) plate number. haha.. kecoh2...
Sunday, lepak at his house!!!
the end.
MUMs BACK yesterday. took off just for her. muarkx. Today, going back to cc straight after work and follow the fam to houses. hehe.. a week more till kak dila & abg az KAWIN! yeah!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yesterday otw back hm from work met mama and the rest in cab.
Went home, change and drove to CC.
Play with iman, eat. then me and bf drove to Tanjong katong complex.
searchng for tube for kakak wedding.
got one but! not nice and also the price is so unresonable. $75 @ saujanah? when i went to batam and search it is the same quality and pattern on 100,000RP. buurrrr.. they making great profie huh. terrible. done! mamam ice cream and off to fort road. chill in the car and relex..
then send BF home and me home sweet home.

yippie! i love weekends!
last weekend went to batam.
this weekend? might watch movie.
End work at 8pm today. go hm cc or either bdk straight.
hmmm... still thinking..
i just love carryin iman and kish her. can i bring her home/out one day?

Tomorrow, 7th June 2008.
Eight months back. what happened?
all that is still in my mind will not forget it and i will always treasure you my dear.

Aku nk balik!! ngantok! penat la!!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

yeah. need to change due to i cannot see my post!
a rush one. i look at some skin but i chose this. i dont know why(for temp).
may be because i MISS dancing.
I want to dance la! tapi tk de fwen. hee... btw thanks to annisa for changin' this skin for me. terimah kasih banyak2 yer..

yest, after work went home and get change then meet fan and proceed to cdc she booked her pract 1. heee. and i just accompany her. Then head to bugis. SETAN2... hahaha.. fan! this time tk la ey we need to buy more tops after soo long. sampai fadhil da naik jelak tngok aku akai aju same. heee.. spent $86 i guess for a skirt, 2 top, 1 vest and a geans. well budget liow! haha.. depts ending soon! yey! just cant wait for it. hopefully by early next month.

I dreamt of US, fadhil!! haha.. very kecohrable.

Today, no plan at this moment and looking foward to this saturday.. Love you banyak2!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

pictures to batam upload!
take a look at my multiply.

Blogged @ 6:38 AM
Friday, May 30, 2008


No one to cook delicious meal for me! No tapau to work. will need to buy it. arhh.. off budget. heee.. Planing to go to Kuala Lumpur in June or August before fasting month. Hope this plan will works. Just cant wait. need time to chill out of singapore. Shopping! YEY! D lets go ah!
Time pass so LEMBAB today. Just tk saba nk go home. Going to Fan's house today. Want to update blog. and exchange stuffs. its a normal routine to do with couzies.

2days left to BATAM! haha!

Blogged @ 7:05 AM
Thursday, May 29, 2008

today is wednesday.
mummy going to umrah tomorrow and will be back on the 9th june.
Aibah going to batam this weekend! yippie! cant wait babe!
Planned to go to KL on the 7th June - 8th June but BF dun wan.. =(
Turn me down. ok nvm theres always next time.

yest aft wrk went hm straight. talked to D.
counting our budget and exhange money to batam.
from there is shows that my math is BETTER then him. haha!
well... you got to learn from me d.

i still cant read my post!!!!

Blogged @ 4:25 AM
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend great!
Sat, watched ayat ayat cinta with BF at cineleasure. nice movie. very sad.
Sun, all plan to watch congkak but only left with 7seats when we have 9pax. so cancel. all do mamam at BBQ Chicken at DownTOwn EHub! after food send friend of YM hm and they stil want to watch congkak at 12.10am. So they proceed and i went home! HAHA. lucky tk go they reached hm at 3plus am. Work bebe next day.

Now at work having lunch.
Guess after work going hm straight. REST! yeah!

Aleeyah, i MISS YOU too dear!! muarkx!

Tasha, ok ape beli bela kt sing song. haha! ey mahal jugak tau situ. heeee..

*i cant reply thru the chatty box cause kt keje. heh!

Aisyah love fahri.

Blogged @ 4:00 AM
Saturday, May 24, 2008

had late dinner yest at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant with all my aunty and uncles total of 80pAx! WOW! almost occupied the whole inside of the rest. kecoh ape! the black pepper crab was superb! after dinner most of the fam went to moount faber which i went there by myself ride my own spark. hah. CHIll there. 12plus im HOME! haha.. lame kan? nvm once in a while mah..

Woking till 8pm today. wah boring liow now sleepy already.

**BTW guys are you able to read my posts? do update me if no. because im not able to see my blog jus the pictures and chats.. haiz..

"love you tk alot but countless??"

Blogged @ 6:05 AM
Friday, May 23, 2008

tuesday was a very bad day.
got home at 5am.
7.30 woke up for work.
reach work.
had a very bad headace. damn sakit.
my eyes cant open my head feel like some1 ketok.
almost got fever damn cold at work.
halfday work went back and took MC together with ifah.
weik not planning huh just happen to be.
After poly went to downtown and have a 'lunch' damn hungry.
mkn at mac and sunddenly ifah nk watch congkak. i agreed.
Bwk Faizal along. thanks zal for joining us. show was not bad.
but i very sleepy. head still bangging a little after food.
and after movie went to tamp chill. and gossip about our BFs and GF. hehe.
good and bad.
go sing song bought something. ehmm. (pad)
then send ifah to yan block.
and i got home.
I wash up and off to bed.
Chit chat will BF.
talk thing out. clear!
and ended gud.
Sleep in peace.

Anywae CONGRETS TO MANTOI finally you got your class 3 lic. yay!
lets drift. haha!

will hav dinner today at chai chee rest? i guess at 830pm with all my auntys and uncles. yey!

Blogged @ 3:50 AM
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finally da lepas!
hehe.. Had alot of fun during my weekends. Enjoyed alot. and tiring too.
BF got great prezie and must share with me.. haha.. joking.. well holidays over back to work. friends planing to watch movie today. chocolate? ok i looking at the timing now.
See ya all soon!
Chalet pictures uploaded. take a look at my multiply.

Blogged @ 3:50 AM
Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday BF 21st Birthday!

and TODAY, we having chalet! yey! a long holiday. took half day today going off soon. gonna sleep over. Reserve mummy to make jelly cocktail for all of us and yey! just cant wait for it. Wow it seems like my bdae lak ey. hee.. tk pe i next year k. Airwave tau d. swift nanti mama ckp kerete kedekut, heee...
*picture above. that is my small little bdae present for him.

will update one all done! weee!!!

Happy holiday people!

Blogged @ 3:48 AM
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MUM birthday tOday!
GOT Mum a simple guess bag.
thanks to leeya for giving me some ideas.
susa la carik bende for my mummy ey lia. hee..

Met BF yest and haha he KALA!! yeah! owe me a BIG BIG time ok plus CHOCOLATES.

nOW waiting for lunch. Hungry already. sleepy also. haiz. i want to go home!
Waiting for BF result. lambat nah d.
Cant wait to friday. Took half day for his chalet.

lOving yOu.

Blogged @ 2:52 AM
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A smile is not just a smile.
Had a terrible weekend last week. damn terrible. Never want it to repeat. Once is enough la.
Thur was not bad, Fri was bad, sat damn bad and sun not bad.
Hoping everything is going to be fine later. Gotto talk things out and im still surviving..
Well celebrated mothers day yest. kak lin and along came to my home and cutt cake shikin bought this swensens cake. thanks to all. and tomorrow is her birthday! Planning for a small gathering. At first at swens or some other restaurant. ended up plan at simpang. i guess that is the most simple place.
well time out going back. taaa! gonna look around for mums gift.

Blogged @ 11:05 AM
Saturday, May 10, 2008

got a NEW phone! haha.. lame aibah!

W580i for free signed up new line. using that number for time beein. This is my first time buyin sony erisson device. haa...

thanks to mum for buyin royal jelly buy more of it so can get more vouchers! yeeha!

well went to mustafa with leeya yest to see on something. and got it.

Love life is going smooth not til yesterday. seriously i didnt ask for the fight. haha. due to some kaypoh people update him something. i have no idea what wad that msg suppose to mean.Jealous? Sindih? Come on la. Jodoh di tangan tuhan ok. I also dont know wether hes gonna be my future husband. Im not proud to have you im happy. Its jst a simple picture updated on my own profile. See a picture only.

Haiz. leeya you get me kan. jage je ati org ati aku lupekan ey..heehe.. tk pe la leeya ni sume nk sabah jer. rship mah.. ah nanti kau tngok je ade org update dier..

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